Founded in 1955, JOCAR began its activity in the electrical and mechanical construction sector manufacturing welding equipment and machines for agriculture. A few years later and due to the success of these products, the Company increased its capacity and began to also dedicate itself to the manufacture of electric wires and motors, which it delivered to the new production unit it created, and to the manufacture of machinery for primary transformation of wood. Starting by dedicating itself in this field to debarkers and chippers, filling an important gap in the national and international market, it started, shortly afterwards, to produce chariots, band and disc sawing machines and all the auxiliary production equipment for sawmill factories.

Today, more than six decades after it began production activities, JOCAR keeps up with and in many cases surpasses its competitors in the forestry and wood sawing equipment market, and is perhaps the only producer in the world able to equip automated forest biomass transformation lines and sawmills (turnkey projects) exclusively with equipment it has manufactured, whether for timber, pallets, fencing or others.
The high technology of this equipment, most of which can be electronically controlled, allows it to work with the most demanding markets and to extend to the four corners of the world the commercialisation of its products with a high level of quality, technical assistance and other services